Our practice has been built with your safety first.

Sterilization Center

Our practice has been built with your safety first.

Our large sterilization center was proudly made in Canada and is the focal point of our office. It has been custom designed by Dr. Verraich to grow with our practice. Our site goes above and beyond the ever expanding guidelines for sterilization set out by the Royal College of Dentistry as well as the standards of Public Health Ontario. Feel free to ask any of our staff how we are taking measure to protect you!


Emergency Tooth Pain

Teeth and gums are the highway to the heart, don't wait to seek out emergency treatment ! We offer same day emergency visits to patients in pain.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Often times problematic teeth don't cause immediate pain. The trouble lies where you can't always feel it !

Tooth Decay

Cavities can lead to pain, emergencies, and unwanted ER visits if not treated. Make your oral health a priority.

Stained Teeth

Worried about stains in your teeth? We can help with various options for cosmetic enhancement!